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Elonzo Wesley
A Street Park 1:00-2:30pm

“Elonzo Wesley features a  stand-up bass, fiddle and mandolin, which create solid sonic layers, while tight vocal harmonies only enhance Davis' personal and emotional lyrics.” ~ Creative Loafing


With five albums under his belt, Jeremy Davis embarks upon the next steps of his musical journey in form of an Americana String band, blending traditions of the past with unique, soulful songwriting and genre-bending influences.

Chatham Rabbits
A Street Park 3:00-4:30pm

 With palpable chemistry and warmth, Chatham Rabbits — Sarah Osborne McCombie (vocals, banjo) and Austin McCombie (vocals, guitar, fiddle) — fill each space they enter with brightness and sincerity. Their songs are stories flush with vivid imagery, contemplative metaphors, and evidence of their binding ties to the South. Hailing from Bynum, North Carolina, just like the original Chatham Rabbits string band of the early 20th century, this duo lights up any stage. After abandoning their corporate careers to take Chatham Rabbits full-time, Sarah and Austin now travel the country with their hound dog Ruby, showing their commitment to living life to the fullest and sharing the music that they love.